Feature Film Competition


Original title:クラユカバ




Business is slow for the Ootsuji Detective Agency. Sotaro and his juvenile sidekick Saki will take any job that comes along, even one that sounds like a lot more risk than it’s worth. It’s festival season in the city but away from the public eye, a wave of mysterious disappearances has occurred. A newspaperman hires Sotaro to investigate, suggesting that answers might lie somewhere in the Dark, the notorious, anarchic maze that is the city’s physical, social, and moral underground. Sotaro subcontracts the gig to Saki, but soon enough regrets it when the kid also goes missing. Now Sotaro is obligated to venture into the Dark himself, and confront its dubious subterranean denizens, including the malicious Laughing Masks gang and the renegade police squad piloting the fearsome Demon 463 armoured train!




Shigeyoshi Tsukahara

Born in Tokyo in 1981. From his childhood, he enjoyed watching old SF films, and started making his original animations from around 2002. Later, he joined a company, but eventually became a freelancer. In recent years he has released several original short films he has produced. Not only has he explored his creativity in producing films, but he has also done supportive works to design the live stage of the artist called SEKAI NO OWARI.