Aim/Why in NIIGATA?

What is the aim of NIAFF?

  • NIAFF will be a hub that integrates animation culture and industry.
  • The energy gathered at this film festival will be a magma for the creation of global animation.
  • Become a hub for international valuation in the Academy Program and share human resources development programs.


  • From the end of the 17th century, Niigata developed as the largest port city on the Sea of Japan coast thanks to the Kitamae Ship. In the Meiji era , Niigata boasted a population that surpassed that of Tokyo.
  • Hiroshi Okawa, who was born in Niigata, founded Toei Movie and produced Japan's first color feature-length animation "Hakujyaden". Fellow Niigata native Kohji Fukiya also participated in the production and played a major role.
  • For continuous events, "Niigata Anime / Manga Festival" (visitors:50,000) and since 1996, the "Niigata Manga Award" has been held nationwide.
  • "Niigata Manga &Animation Information Center" as a permanent and special exhibition hall, and has a collection of 10,000 books. Operates the manga library "Niigata City Manga House".
  • Niigata City has always played a leading role in human resource development. The number of 400 students aiming to become animation and manga artists at vocational schools and professional universities is the highest in Japan.