All Night Niigata

clockwork fighters hiwou’s war




It is the end the Tokugawa Shogunate. The Machine People of Horai village in Mikawa province, have built mechanical robots using clockwork mechanisms. One day, Hiwou, a curious and mischievous eight-year old boy, is scolded by the village headman for playing with a robot, and runs away from the village. His wandering finally brings him to the village shrine, where he comes across the giant robot Homura (Flame). Just at this time the village comes under attack from a band of ninja called Fujin (Wind Warriors), who seek to destroy the Machine People. They burn down the village and take away all the adults. Hiwou and his friends can command Homura, but can they escape the village…?


© BONES・會川昇 © ヒヲウ製作委員会


Amino Tetsuro

It was around 1977, and I was in an animation studio doing things like checking phone numbers, making tea, arranging cars and film transportation. After that, I started to get work on movie production and was put in charge of a few large projects, and from then I went freelance. I worked on projects with studios like Ashi Productions and Nippon Sunrise (now BNP). At the same time, I set up a small finishing studio, and worked on my own projects and also with Tokyo Movie (currently TMS). In addition to production, I was also involved in storyboard and plot development, and then closed the finishing studio. After working on the production desk of the movie “Cobra", I gradually shifted more to direction rather than production. Somehow I managed to become a director and made a semi-self-produced work "Bubu Chacha”, which has carried me to the present day.