Feature Film Competition

Mantra Warrior: The Legend of the Eight Moons

Original title:นักรบมนตรา: ตำนานแปดดวงจันทร์




Every 500 years, a woman with the divine power is born. She holds the power to create or destroy all things. King Todsakan seeks this arcane power, risking the fate of the universe.
As the 8 moons of Vanara align, legendary warriors will emerge to guard this power from falling into the wrong hands.


Veerapatra Jinanavin

Veerapatra Jinanavin, a Thai film director, producer, and CEO of RiFF Studio, a leading Thai 3D animation studio. His passion for animation began in childhood, prompting him to study painting. Inspired by Toy Story (1995), he delved into 3D animation. With a BFA from Chulalongkhorn University and an MFA in 3D Character Animation from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, he interned at Disney and later worked at Blue Sky studio. He returned to Thailand to elevate the local animation industry, founding RiFF Studio. "Mantra Warrior: The Legend of the Eight Moons" is his directorial debut, marking RiFF Studio’s first feature animation project.