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Animation and Medicine


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Manga and anime are widely used for their powerful appeal in education throughout the world. In recent years, Japan’s Ministry of Health has been vigorously using anime to promote workplace reform and health awareness. The use of manga for health education overseas has been increasing and has been the subject of extensive research. Through specific examples such as children’s eye gymnastics animation and the occupational therapist animation project at Niigata University of Health and Welfare(NUHW), we will talk about the contribution and future of anime to medical welfare worldwide.

Participants (planned): Prof.Nomura (Head of the Dept. of Occupational Therapy, NUHW), Prof. Ishii (NUHW)

Moderator: Noricco Toyoda (Kaishi Professional University)

Guests: Dr Alex Thomas (doctor & manga artist), Gary Ashwal (medical animation producer, Booster Shot Media), Prof. Nakagaki (Professor, Senshu University, and representative of the Japan Graphic Medicine Association) , Sho Kobayashi (Lecturer at Osaka University, Director), T.Ochiai (Managing Director of JGMA)